Ever Heard Of A Squiggly Career? 

The days of “straight line” ladder climbing are over, my friend, and that’s a good thing. The idea of a squiggly career challenges the traditional way we view progression in a career. Sure, a high salary and fancy job title are admirable, but Gen Z is more focused on having more freedom and work autonomy, flexibility to work from home or hybrid, and having valuable mentorships with bosses so they can make the most of their career development.

“We might have expected to have linear, predictable, staircase-like careers, but the reality for a lot of people is that their careers are much more fluid; there’s much more change going on in them.” -Helen Tupper, squiggly career expert.

Squiggly careers are on the rise, and there are a few reasons why. On average, people spend five years or less at the same company in today’s job market. They find that the best way to get a raise or more compensation is switching jobs and exploring something different. Technological changes and disruption also play a factor in the “job hops”, leading people to discover new goals throughout their lifetime and continue developing skills to keep up with industry demands.

There are a few skills that are vital to being a squiggly boss, and it’s important to master these to thrive in today’s job market.

Define your strengths and accept your weaknesses. You can’t be the best at everything, so identify the stuff you’re REALLY good at and run with it. You’d be surprised how potential employers will feel your confidence and take a chance with you.

Know your values and find what drives you. Strengths are what you do, and values are who you are. We’re wired at a young age with a compass that encourages us to envision what success looks like to us as individuals and what will truly make us happy. There are no right or wrong values, this is a chance for you to be honest with yourself and figure out what makes you feel and do your best.

Have confidence in yourself and your abilities. Sure, you can have things holding you back at times, but getting out of your own way is typically the way to win. Fear of failure is normal, and confidence is a skill that should be practiced once learned. Finding your support system is key because let’s be real – we can’t do this alone!

Lifelong Learners Have Squiggly Careers

A lifelong learner is someone who goes out of their way to stay competitive and skilled throughout the course of their life. Interests change, and industries are created every year. It’s no wonder people are curiously drawing themselves to new careers.

Lifelong learning is a self-initiated form of education where one dedicates themselves to continually growing and advancing their skills. This could be because of interest or the demand for an ever-changing career field. They challenge themselves with specific goals and embrace the change that comes along with them. Finding the next best fit is important, no matter which path you take!

But how do you find your next best fit? There are so many ways to crush your goals and continue your education. Don’t feel limited! The traditional college path isn’t for everyone. Not everyone is meant to have only one career in their lifetime either. www.encourageme.com has a stellar way to help plan for life after high school. Check them out and consider downloading the app to learn more!