Everyone who has ever been to the Bahamas is in complete agreement that purchasing real estate in the Bahamas will always be an excellent financial idea because this location provides the property purchaser with so much value.

Firstly, there is the amazing natural scenery as well as the close proximity to the coast of the US and even more attractive to business people is the relatively low taxes which can be a profit booster. According to local real estate agents the property market in the Bahamas is as healthy as ever. It is also possible for foreign investors to purchase residential properties spanning as much as 5 acres. No government approval is necessary for such purchases. One of the most lucrative locations in the Bahamas is Harbour Island which is also the location of some of the most expensive real estate properties obtainable in the Bahamas.

5. Fortune Cay

This is one of the extremely popular areas in the Bahamas which is close to Freeport and in the vicinity is excellent attractions such as Peterson Cay national Park, Casuarina Bridge and Cooper’s Castle. People coming to Fortune beach are always pleasantly surprised because the water is shallow and clear and also very calm. It is entirely possible to walk through the water to the sand bank. Locals and visitors are in agreement that this beach is perfect for those with children. People can also make use of the Banana Bay restaurant where they are facilities which can be used and there is also a variety of drinks and snacks available. Fortune Cay is a truly beautiful place. A property in this paradise will cost approximately $11 million.

4. Eleuthera

This popular location is actually a thin, long island in the archipelago of the Bahamas. It has become extremely well-known for the beautiful pink sand beaches. Furthermore, Eleuthera is very close to Gregory Town and then there is also a surfer’s Beach which is providing the perfect opportunity for those who love surfing. There are also other beaches in the area such as Ten Bay beach which also has very shallow waters and an additional attraction is the cave which can be explored. This is a beautiful swimming spot and, in the area, there are large numbers of turtles and tropical fish. You can expect to pay $12 million for property in this location.

3. Clifton Bay

This is another very popular location which has several interesting attractions in the immediate area such as Clifton heritage national Park, Pirates Stairs, Sacred Space at Clifton Pier as well as Blue Shark Golf course. This scenery in this area is out of this world and people come here to enjoy the peace and tranquility as well as the beautiful views of the ocean and also the glorious sunsets in the area. Properties are selling for approximately $16 million.

2. Lyford Cay

Lyford Cay is an upmarket neighborhood in Nassau in the Bahamas. Some of the most popular attractions in the region is Lyford Cay Harbor, but there is also a beautiful golf course as well as the St Christopher’s Anglican church which continues to attract large numbers of tourists. Naturally one of the most popular attractions will always be the beach with all of the activities which is made available there. There is also the beautiful scenery and the glorious sunsets. Residential properties are available for $20 million.

1. Paradise Island

Paradise island continues to be one of the most popular locations in the Bahamas. It is only a short distance from the island of New Providence which is also in the Bahamas. All of the areas are easily accessible because of two bridges which provides access to the city of Nassau and surrounding areas. There are a number of highly popular beaches such as Paradise Beach and Cabbage Beach all of which has beautiful white sand and both of these are lying on the Atlantic Ocean. One of the landmarks in the area is the Atlantis resort which also has a casino as well as the popular Aquaventure water park, a residential property in this area will cost $24 million.