Green tea has been a popular drink as well as it is also considered the traditional medicine in china and Japan for thousands of years. So for this there are some pros and cons of green tea.  Green tea is widely available across the globe. Hundreds of brands of bagged green tea can be found on store shelves blended from a variety of green tea.

The flavored and sweetened varieties as well as green tea powders and loose-leaf tea. Whatever way you want to consume green tea there is probably a product which is already on the market. So, in this way as a largely consumed product this product also has some pros and cons which are as given below:

Pros of Green Tea:

According to the national cancer institute the polyphones on the tea have been shown to decrease the tumor growth in the laboratory and animal studies and also may protect against damage which is caused the ultraviolet UVB radiation. Nowadays in some of the countries where the green tea consumption is high, cancer rates tend to be lower. So in this way it has showed that the green tea is one of the HOME REMEDIES and helps in decreasing the amount of the cancer. Some of the studies have also shown the positive impacts of the green tea on the following types of the cancer:

  • breast
  • bladder
  • ovarian
  • colorectal (bowel)
  • esophageal (throat)
  • lung
  • prostate
  • skin
  • stomach

Benefits of Green Tea For skin:

Anti-oxidants are very beneficial for the skin and green tea contains many. It contains ploy phenols like flavonoids, a powerful anti-oxidants. It can also reduce the formation of the free radicals in the body. You can also use it externally or can also drink it.  In many ways it makes your skin wrinkle free and radiant. If you are going to the beach then pack a packet of the green tea along with your sunglasses and sunscreen a catehins present in it that can actually make the skin more resistant to the effect of UV rays and prevent sunburn.

For Weight Loss:

It is one of the best fat fighters. Research have shown that drinking 4-5 cups of the green tea a day increases the fat oxidation 17% indicating that it helps in losing weight, It also helps in suppressing the appetite as it gives the feeling of fullness and inhibits the main enzymes which are involved in the fat storage. It also specifically melts the fat in the abdominal area. it also help in increasing the metabolism rate and result in increasing the rate on which your body turn food into calories and helps in the weight loss.

Cons of Green Tea:

Just like that there are many benefits of the green tea there are also some of the side effects of the green that you should be aware of. The green tea is the form of the caffeine, so due to which it can increase the feelings of anxiety. Furthermore with the increased anxiety levels sleep may be disturbed, stomach may also get upset and headaches can also occur.

As you know that the kidney stones are made of calcium combined with phosphate or oxalic acid. So green tea, being rich in oxalic acid which can damages kidney. Green tea contains some of the supplements that have been linked to several cases of Liver damage also. The green tea can interacts with certain medications and leads to certain problems. So it is recommended to always consult your healthcare professional if it is safe to consume it along with your medicines. According to the research young child should avoid drinking this as it may not be suitable for their body or may interfere with growth hormones.

It can also lead to the overconsumption in the variety of the components which are as given below

  • Heart palpitation
  • Convulsions
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nervousness
  • Restlessness
  • Irritation