As the Coronavirus leaves the world at standstill, the health of humans is at stake. While the virus is rapidly increasing among all age groups across the world, infants and seniors citizens are said to be the most vulnerable to the virus because of their weak immune system. The risk can be lessened providing the elderly with better living! 


But how to do that? There are two ways to ensure better living for the elderly- educate yourself about the various factors of elder health or hire a professional old age caretaker. While the former one requires a lot of effort and time, the latter is more effective as well as affordable.


Keep Elders Safe With Home Care


Although we cannot completely avoid the danger of COVID-19 from our heads, we can ensure safety for our elders with the help of home health care services. The professionals under these services ensure safety for elders and take care of their overall health. Let us tell you how home care professionals keep your elders safe:


Take Care that they Eat healthy food


The main reason to hire a professional elderly care service is to provide nutritious food to the elderly. Even after trying their best, family members are not able to provide the required nutrients to the elderly. Whereas on the other the professional elder care providers are well-trained about the nutritious needs of elders. Having healthy food boosts their immunity and increases resistant power which prevents the elderly from Coronavirus or any other diseases. 


Basic Hygiene


If you are constantly watching the news of the increasing outbreak of Coronavirus, then you must be aware of the importance of basic hygiene. However, due to bad health and weakness, elders cannot take care of hygiene for themselves. But don’t worry the professionals do it for them. They don’t just help them to maintain better hygiene but also promote the importance of the same among elders. They teach them the importance of hygiene for their care as well for their family’s care. They also make them aware of the need for regular hand washing or sanitizing. At the same time, these professionals also maintain basic hygiene in their practices such as before coming near to elders or serving them food, etc. 

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Educate the Elderly


Many coronavirus rumours have been spread through WhatsApp and other social media, due to which people are not able to understand the severity of this epidemic. At the same time, some rumours or social media platforms create unnecessary chaos about it which creates tension in senior’s minds. But professionals educate the seniors and help them understand the reality. With this, the seniors don’t take much tension and stay healthy. 


Maintain Social Distancing


If you have elders in your family then obviously they will be of very social personality and we can understand how difficult it is to stop them from going out and getting the most. But when you hire professional home care for them, they teach the elders the importance of social distancing and maintain the same while treating the elders. They try not to take elders out of the home due to the spread of Coronavirus but there are some unavoidable instances, such as visiting a doctor. In such scenarios, the professionals help elders to maintain a proper social distance. 


Provide them with a germ-free environment 


The home nurse services also ensure to provide a germ-free environment to elders. While keeping the elderly’s hygiene they also make sure that their surroundings to are germ-free. For more protection, they sanitize the most touching things and surfaces multiple times a day. 


The Bottom Line


Are you also worried about the safety of your elders? If yes, provide them with a professional aide from Emoha. At Emoha, our professionals are trained to provide friendly care to the elders. Playing a role in your extended family, our home nurses ensure that elders feel loved and cared for. With our advanced approaches to elderly care, we will help you protect your seniors during COVID-19. Connect with us at 1800-123-445555 or [email protected].