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Kno2, a medical device company specializing in electronic medical records (EMR), and OneTouch EMR, makers of an interactive touch screen electronic medical record (EMR) system specifically designed for physicians, have developed a common application called OneTouch. The application will allow doctors and other healthcare professionals to perform patient-level electronic medical records better and more easily. By adding this convenient application to existing EMR systems such as those manufactured Intuitive Medical, the quality of the services offered health care providers can be greatly improved. This will also help to reduce medical costs.

An initiative spurred the collaboration between Kno2 and OneTouch EMR the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). The organization sought to apply EMR technology to clinical documentation improvement. ACHE is a national, non-profit association of EMR software developers who work to improve the quality of patient care through better electronic medical records and direct messaging capabilities. To conduct quality surveys of EMR applications for hospitals throughout the country, ACHE collaborated with OneTouch to develop a series of quality reports on EMR applications. One Touch was selected as one of the report participants because it responded quickly and provided comprehensive feedback on its functionality.

According to OneTouch’s report, OneTouch EMR allows physicians to access medical information easily while patients are in the process of receiving care. The application also enables doctors and other health information specialists to perform direct messaging capabilities while on the go. In addition, OneTouch allows health information specialists to search for patients, create and update patient accounts, and perform reminders for patients.

One Touch’s direct-messaging capabilities allow a doctor to identify patients through their unique phone number. This number can then be shared with the EMR supervisor or other medical professionals who must contact the patient. Patients can sign up for text or email alerts when new information or an appointment comes up. Health systems that use OneTouch’s onetouch emr software can forward all messages to the appropriate parties. This means that health care workers no longer need to waste time composing letters and scheduling in-house staff to send out information.

In addition, OneTouch EMR offers several benefits beyond simple convenience. OneTouch EMR provides a cost-effective, high-value electronic health records (EHR) solution. The company claims its EHR solution is faster and more efficient than any of the leading suppliers of paper-based EHRs. One Touch’s free e-prescribing tool, which makes it easy for care providers to create, manage and track patient orders, was also built-in to OneTouch EMR.

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But what does it mean for nurses, doctors and other health care workers to make the most of OneTouch’s EMR software? OneTouch’s free e-prescribing tool makes it easy for care providers to generate and manage medical forms at the click of a mouse. In doing so, these care providers can generate their EMRs, which they can then utilize to fill out insurance claims. One Touch EMR allows a practice administrator to view the completed patient demographics in real-time. One Touch can also send notifications to providers or patients about available medication, as well as reminders about when to refill prescriptions.

Beyond the ability to generate and manage EMRs, One Touch’s other features are extremely useful. One Touch’s free OneTouch EHR software also gives practice administrators the ability to export patient demographics and prescription information into files. This means that practice administrators can access patient information in a more meaningful way than Excel spreadsheets, allowing them to make smarter business decisions about patient care. In addition to exporting patient demographics and records, One Touch’s free OneTouch EHR software is also built-in with clinically designed forms that are easy to read, follow and fill out.

So what can you do with OneTouch? One Touch’s free OneTouch software gives practice administrators the tools they need to manage medical care effectively. One Touch’s customizable features also make it easy for a practice administrator to get a handle on their medical office’s patient records. While the free version of OneTouch is limited in functionality, the paid version is packed full of useful features that will help any practice’s EMR software meet its fullest potential.

Kyzer Smith

Kyzer Smith