How to Choose the Right Water Filtration System

How to Choose the Right Water Filtration System

The importance of water can be understood with the fact that amidst the billions of planets in this universe, only the water-rich earth carries life. History also teaches us that all major civilizations were built in the proximity of water sources. Impure and contaminated water can transmit diseases like cholera, diarrhoea, dysentery, polio and typhoid. Stats also prove how impure water is harmful. It reveals that contaminated drinking water approximately causes 485,000 diarrhoeal deaths every year. Hence, it is equally important to understand how to choose the right water filtration system.

Check on Your Water Resources

It is imperative that you check the water sources especially the impurities they carry. Generally, the supplied water depends on the kind of soil at its source and purity. You should look to purchase a water filtration system that would negate the inherent water impurities.


Note the type of certification or accreditation on your shortlisted filtration systems. Check on their testing results and the institutes conducting them. Of course, certification from a reputed institute would carry more weightage. Similarly, the test results would reveal whether or not the filtration system is right for you. As we have already discussed in the first point, ideally the right water filtration system should be effective against the impurities found in your inherent water impurities.

Volume Estimation

You need to estimate the volume of water you need and opt for a system accordingly. It also depends on the purpose. Maybe you would need a water filtration system for your home or you may require it on the move. Of course, there would be differences in the volume requirement, and you should decide accordingly.

Number Crunching

Filters are available at a range of pricing. So, estimate your budget and go about it accordingly. You would be better off purchasing a popular brand (always check out the reviews) unless it contrasts your budget. You also have to consider the ongoing maintenance and possibly parts replacement charges. Warranties, durability and service standards are also important factors that you need to pay attention while you shop for the right filtration system.

In case you need a water filtration system on the move then take a peek at the water to go website and pick according to your choice. It is a cool portable water filtration system, that should click with you at the first glance!

Kyzer Smith

Kyzer Smith