As the world is getting digitized day day, the globe is getting smaller with the increment in the channels of communication. It was a time when people could communicate face to face only but today we can talk to each other via mails, WhatsApp, video, phone and social media

Social media is the greatest tool nowadays that was firstly invented to remain in touch with each other but now it is being used for advertisement purposes as well. Therefore, companies are changing their strategies to market their services and products. From big ventures to small entrepreneurs, all are using different techniques to gain their buyers and followers from social media through different ways. That’s the reason why there is now social media marketing.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is one of the fields of marketing and digital marketing that aims to utilize the platforms of social media to advertise the product and services of the companies and ventures. Unlike other subfields, social media marketing is a vast field that includes several categories and elements.

What are the subfields of social media marketing?

Social media marketing has important four areas that small companies could utilize smartly to increase their engagement and followers:

  • Content curation
  • Social media care
  • Social media PR
  • Influence marketing

Content Curation is opposite of content creation. Content creation is a separate area in social media marketing that involves creating a unique content that can be spread easily while content curation is to share already-created or crafted content on your site or stories to build viewership and keep the users and followers connected. Although it looks easy to share written articles on story, it takes effort to find out unique and must-share article out of ten thousands of articles on internet. The utilization of the techniques of content curation demands research and reading habit from people.

Social media care is all about providing support and assistance to your viewers, followers and buyers through messages and notification. The utilization of the facility of instant messaging is the example of social media care but you need to be active on social media and keep an eye on new comments and messages to reply them and help as soon as possible. The faster you are in assisting them, the more they will feel that they are being cared.

Social media PR is to make friendly and professional relations with other brands and public figures keeping eye on their profiles and commenting on their posts and articles. Although it seems creepy, PR can give you bundles of advantages in struggling time. After all, the more connections you have, the larger audience you have. All you have to do is to connect to them, publicize their brand on your profiles and request them to do so.

Influencer marketing is the most important area of social media marketing that aims to make connections with the influencing personalities on social media. Many of the new brands market their products asking Instagram bloggers and influencers to write posts or post videos about their product on their wall and tag them.

How the four important areas help small businesses to get buyers?

The utilization of the techniques of above mentioned four areas of social media marketing can result in increment in the followers of the small businesses. The techniques can be used crafting the post and messages in

  • SEO
  • Backlinks
  • Hashtags, and
  • EMV scores for making headlines

To result in more and more audience. Hashtags expand your viewership as the post will be viewable to all people who search that hashtag on a daily basis. Similarly, the utilization of SEO and backlinks make the post more viewable. The use of EMV scores make the post desirable to read and view. The more your posts and words are readable, the more you will get followers and more followers will result in more buyers.

The world of today is more about marketing and marketing is all about how much you are known among public. Social media gives platform to small companies to brand themselves and make themselves known among large audience for cheap. Visit us at