Who would have ever thought that something like a clear crossbody bag could be so awesome?

Over the last several decades it is easy to see that people tend to flow with the changes of life and prefer the styles of their times. However, it seems as if people may be getting smarter about the styles they choose because clear handbags and purses have several useful functions that anybody could get value from.

Popularity or Usefulness?

When it comes down to the science of why people choose to use clear carrying bags as opposed to nice-looking flashy ones with leather and sparkles, it is hard to say what people are thinking. However, since more and more places are demanding to see what you have on your person before they allow you to enter their facilities, it seems like having a see-through bag that you can wear around the body is extremely convenient.

Some of the places that want to know what you have on your person before entering are:

  • Airports
  • Concerts
  • Courthouses
  • Nightclubs
  • Correctional facilities
  • Stadiums

When people wear see-through bags to any of these places it is much easier for the security guards, or whoever is searching, to see all that the bag contains so that they can determine if anything inside of it could be a threat to the safety of the facility.

That makes sense, right? Why put yourself through an excessive amount of privacy infringement if you don’t have to? Wearing a clear bag not only saves time for you, but if everybody else had the same idea, all of the lines to be searched, or inspected, would go much quicker.

Clear View of Contents

In most cases, the security people who conduct searches only want to know if you have any type of weapons on you. If you have a clear bag that has the essential gear for a party or a concert the people conducting the search can see what you have in the bag and let you go on your way.

Getting on an airplane is a little bit different because the TSA wants to make sure that you don’t board with bottles full of flammable liquids that could start a fire on the plane, or convert to a bomb.

The reason why the airports only allow a certain amount of liquid in a container is that they believe that they can reduce the risk of a person sneaking a substantial amount of substance that could destroy the airplane.

The great thing about having toiletries, cosmetics, and other necessary traveling supplies in a clear bag for security to check is that they can easily see the size of the containers that your goods are stored in and not have to dig through your luggage to confirm.

Easy to Carry

Having a crossbody bag is the easiest way to carry your belongings without having to use your hands. Nobody wants to be stuck without being able to use their hands at a concert or a club. A person that is wearing a see-through crossbody bag not only has the ability to speed right through any kind of search procedures, but also has a nice and convenient place to hold their phone, and other valuables as they throw their hands in the air and dance.

Everybody knows that concerts and clubs can be fun, but they are full of people that will snatch your valuables as soon as you give them an opportunity. Carrying them safely attached to your body could prevent a sneaky thief from stealing them.

Going to Court

People can go to court for a number of reasons. Regardless of why you are going into a courthouse, the security there does not want you to bring in weapons or any other illegal items. For this reason, most courthouses have a setup much like an airline where they search your belongings and monitor what you have in your possession.

It makes it much easier on the officers that are trying to provide a safe place for citizens to go through their court processes, support people, or be a part of jury duty if the people coming in have all of their belongings in a see-through bag.

Not only does it make it easier for the officers, if all of the people that were entering the courthouse had their stuff in a see-through bag everybody could get through the line and get into the courtroom much faster.

Visiting Inmates at Correctional Facilities

There are numerous types of correctional facilities that house people that have been in trouble with the law. One thing that all of these facilities have in common is that the people that run them do not want weapons or drugs in their place. In order to make sure that they reduce the risk of visitors bringing drugs or weapons, they do a pretty thorough search of the visitors before they allow them to come in.

Many of these institutions have a mandatory policy that visitors must bring anything that comes inside in a see-through bag. No purses, handbags, or backpacks, only plastic bags that clearly show the contents that are inside of them.

The great thing about using a see-through crossbody bag while visiting an inmate in a prison or jail is that the officers can see in it, and you can have your hands free without having to worry about setting the bag down where other people can get to it, or where it can pick up germs from a dirty floor.

Easy to Clean

Some people love to carry big, fancy purses made out of nice fabric that look fabulous. However, if you spill something inside of it such as a soda or snack foods you could seriously ruin the entire bag.

The thing about clear bags is that they are made out of material that will not soak up liquids or any other substances. Most things that could spill in the purse can be washed out without any problems. All a person has to do in order to clean the bag out is remove the stuff from inside of it, and wash it out like they would a dish.

Water, coffee, soup, or whatever daily treats that could wind up spilling inside of or on a bag will simply run off of it and not cause any damage.

Looking Good

Since the popularity of these clear bags has gotten so large, there are many companies out there that create these bags in fashionable styles that look amazing. Some of these bags look so awesome that people wear them around because they actually like the way that they look.

The outlines of the bag can be colored in countless styles such as pink, black, yellow, red, or even white. Since the bags are basically clear purses they can be designed in a number of shapes and sizes. They can be rounded, squared, triangled, and so on. As a matter of fact, there are companies out there that allow customers to design their own bags before they even make it. Custom shapes, colors, and even pockets can be put into effect so that the person can not only look good but have a great bag that makes life easier.