Plants are what we are living because of. They provide us with oxygen and also purifies the air. Most of us are busy making a better living but how many of us are making our efforts to improve the greenery on this planet.

We all can do our bits like having air purifying plants inside our homes and gifting plants to our loved ones instead of other items.

Well, if you need a push to do your bit for the planet, here are some wise quotes about plants from the famous personalities around the world.

  • Curiously, light-loving green plants reject the Sun’s green light, reflecting it back at you, which is why they look green. – Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • Rain falls, wind blows, plants bloom, leaves mature and are blown away; these phenomena are all interrelated with causes and conditions, are brought about them, and disappear as the causes and conditions change. – Gautama Buddha
  • Plants of great vigor will almost always struggle into blossom, despite impediments. But there should be encouragement, and a free genial atmosphere for those of more timid sort, fair play for each in its own kind. – Margaret Fuller
  • Trees are the largest and most spiritually advanced plants on Earth. They are constantly in meditation. Subtle energy is their natural language. – Mantak Chia
  • Each portion of matter may be conceived of as a garden full of plants, and as a pond full of fishes. But each branch of the plant, each member of the animal, each drop of its humors, is also such a garden or such a pond. – Gottfried Leibniz
  • Sometimes, as is the case of peach and plum trees, which are often dwarfed, the plants are thrown into a flowering states, and then, as they flower freely year after year, they have little inclination to make vigorous growth. – Robert Fortune
  • Reason clears and plants the wilderness of the imagination to harvest the wheat of art. – Austin O’Malley
  • Why should nutrition matter less in the creation of young humans than it does in young plants? I’m sure that it doesn’t. – Ina May Gaskin
  • The absorption and organization of sunlight, the essence of life, is derived almost exclusively through plants. Since light is the driving force of every cell in our bodies, that is why we need green plants. – Maximilian Bircher-Benner
  • As some species of plants need to be burned to the ground in order for them to later flourish, I needed to have my ass handed to be in order to get it into gear for the upcoming Sydney Olympics. Now, I’m on a mission. – Xeno Muller
  • The history of human use of plants, mushrooms, and animals for their psychedelic effects is far older than written history, and probably predates the appearance of the modern human species. – Rick Strassman
  • Equality does not mean that all plants must grow to the same height – a society of tall grass and dwarf trees, a jostle of conflicting jealousies. It means, in civic terms, an equal outlet for all talents; in political terms, that all votes will carry the same weight; and in religious terms that all beliefs will enjoy equal rights. – Victor Hugo