Scott Hirsch CEO of Media Direct Inc. sees how new needs are being met digital marketing in 2021. He weighs in on everything from AI to influencer content.

Digital marketing for 2021 is seeing some notable changes, brought on everything from the pandemic to consumer patterns put in place long before COVID became a household word. Scott Hirsch CEO of Media Direct Inc. weighs in on how data marketing is changing.

The Power of Data Mining and AI

Harnessing data remains challenging these days, even as more of it is being collected than ever before. Scott Hirsch CEO is the former CMO of Seisint, a company that would eventually sell to LexisNexis for $775 million, and he’s learned a lot about what it means to leverage your information.

His career at Seisint laid the groundwork for what we’re seeing today. Artificial intelligence is and will continue to be used to understand the context behind not just the target demographic of a company, but also the individual wants and needs of the people that make up the demographic.

The Proliferation of DIY E-Commerce Platforms

The spike in purchases online during the pandemic was not one that could have been predicted. In 2021, Scott Hirsch CEO sees just how much power DIY platforms can have for start-ups and smaller companies.

From Amazon to Facebook Shops to Shopify, there are a number of avenues for an entrepreneur to explore. More affordable than most decision-makers expect, DIY platforms make it easy to carve out your own space on the web. This is a tremendous opportunity as buying patterns continue to favor virtual sales.

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Scott Hirsch CEO on Influencer Marketing and Social Causes

Influencer marketing is expected to continue growing in 2021. However, it’s clear that brands should be doing more than relying on big names for big bucks. Scott Hirsch CEO believes that influencers will become more niche for many brands, giving products and services the feeling of exclusivity and authenticity.

We’ll also see more digital marketing in 2021 that speaks to social causes and societal pressures that we’re seeing today. Scott Hirsch CEO says this modern form of advertisement needs to keep up with modern trends to stay relevant in the eyes of customers.

One of the most notable things about Scott Hirsch CEO is his ability to spot what’s happening in both corporate and customer culture. It’s this insight that has helped him build an empire in marketing, one that’s ready to pivot when need be to fit emerging consumer demands. Should digital marketing trends shift dramatically in the opposite direction, he’ll have his fingers on the pulse well before they do.