Oral fluid drug testing is quite common these days in order to detect the presence of drug substances in the individuals. Drug abuse is getting quite common in the society and so the need of drug testing has become imperative. Today not only the government and private institutions are making use of oral fluid drug testing in order to test the applicants for selecting the employees but even the parents are using it at homes for checking their kids of this dangerous disease.

There are plenty of drug testing techniques so why exactly you should go for oral fluid drug tests? Well, oral fluid drug testing techniques have its own pros and cons and so it is important to know about them before using in your institute for testing your employees.

The Pros & Cons of Oral Fluid Drug Testing Techniques:

Oral fluid drug testing techniques falls under the category of two tests. These are sweat drug testing and saliva drug testing. Let us encounter the pros and cons of these two oral fluid drug testing techniques:

  1. The Pros & Cons of Saliva Drug Testing:

Saliva drug tests are quite easy to use and the most simple of all testing techniques. No privacy issues are involved in the saliva drug testing as the samples can be taken even in public places which is one of the biggest plus point of saliva drug testing. Saliva drug tests are also excellent in detecting recently used drugs which is impossible with the urine testing. These tests cannot be corrupted and so they are quite reliable. Moreover, they give results instantly within a few minutes. Saliva drug testing can be performed at home as it involves no technical expertise. It barely has any cons to it and so it is ideal for use in drug abuse.

  1. The Pros & Cons of Sweat Drug Testing:

Sweat drug testing, although is similar to saliva drug testing, but it involves the use of patches to collect the sweat samples. It takes almost two weeks for collecting an adequate amount off sweat sample so that it can be properly tested for drug abuse. Sweat testing is also not very common because it takes time to produce results and so the saliva drug testing is the preferred choice when it comes to oral fluid drug testing for drug abuse.