Simply looking around in your current surroundings will show you how much technology has influenced our way of living. With our continuous learning and groundbreaking discoveries, we can now utilize the current state of our technology to further improve our quality of living.

As we continue to develop our technology, we’re able to develop some of the best inventions that don’t just upgrade our lifestyle but also keep our environment safe and clean. If you haven’t heard of these innovations before, this article will give you a brief insight into how far we’ve reached into the future.

The Decade’s Best Inventions

As the years pass, the world as we know it will keep on changing for the better, thanks to all the technological advancements we keep coming up with. If you haven’t them before, we’ve listed some of the best inventions that have shaped the decade.

Electric Vehicles

Our cars used to run on gasoline or petrol, and that can cause lots of damage to our environment because of carbon emissions. Fortunately for all of us, the last decade has seen the birth of vehicles that don’t need this type of fuel. Thanks to the most popular electric car companies, vehicles that run on electricity are now widely available for commercial use. The market for electric vehicles has steadily risen at about 60% annually since 2014. In addition to this, there are now plenty of recharging stations being constructed in the United States to accommodate this wide market.

Solar Panels

Have you checked how much your electricity bill has risen over the past months? Nowadays, we are starting to learn how to live a more sustainable life, and that includes replacing non-renewable energy sources with renewable ones. One important innovation we’ve seen supporting this is solar panels. These panels are equipped with an energy-converting mechanism that turns the sun’s rays into electricity. Batteries are also installed with solar panels to store the energy for later use. Looking for solar panel installation services and having this innovation installed in your roof can significantly reduce your power consumption.

LED Light

A few decades back, we only use incandescent bulbs to light our houses. However, we soon realized that this type of bulb uses 10% of the energy it gathers into a light source, and the remaining 90% is converted to heat. This inefficiency in power consumption brought forth the necessity to invent a different type of light source. Soon after, LED light bulbs became widely available in the commercial market. This type of light source uses five times less energy and can last up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Wind Turbines

The sun is one of the world’s most efficient sources of renewable energy. However, that’s not the only form of energy efficiency method we currently have. Through the use of big turbines, wind power can now be converted into energy. This invention has been around since the 1980s, and today’s wind turbines can generate up to 330 gigawatts of energy and are expected to increase 35% in 2050. Wind turbines function almost the same way as solar panels, but instead of the sun’s rays, the wind causes the huge blades to spin, which is then converted into energy.

Breathing Buildings

As we move towards the future, we do not forget that innovations should not just be about a better life but also a better world. That’s why buildings are now capable of mimicking trees’ ability to breathe. By using large panels of algae and installing them in the exterior windows, buildings can now take in carbon dioxide. The algae will then use the harvested carbon dioxide and releases it back to the streets as oxygen. With this innovation, even huge cities with skyscraper buildings can contribute to our pursuit of a greener life.

Container Houses

One of the biggest problems that our world faces today is the rapid decline of greenery as our lands are turned into buildings and houses. One solution that we have found to slow this down is through micro-living. People can now reside in smaller spaces turning shipping containers into small apartments, also known as micro-homes. Luckily, this decade also saw the rise of minimalism as a form of living, which means people are now finding it more efficient to live with lesser material possessions and leave out just the necessary equipment.

Our modes of living in the past decade have negatively affected our resources, and without sustainable solutions, we will quickly spiral into poor quality of living. Now is the time to reverse this, and with all the recent advancements in the technological industry, we can finally see some light on the horizon.