Our criminal justice system here in the United States has a whole lot of ins and outs that can make things incredibly complicated. One thing that you should probably know how to do is a Texas warrant search just in case.

Warrants are something of a nebulous part of our criminal justice system, and they’re definitely something that you should learn more about because they are pretty important for your day-to-day activities. It can also be pretty important to know if you have a warrant out for your arrest so you can avoid any inconvenient traffic stops.

There is a lot of information about warrants available online, which makes this topic something that is particularly easy to learn about if you have the desire to do so. Whether you’re trying to look into yourself or someone else, knowing how to do this can make a big difference.

That’s why we’ve gone ahead and written this article for your reading pleasure. We want to make sure that as many people as possible fully understand what a warrant is as well as how to find one. So, buckle in, we’re going to learn all about this today.

What is a Warrant?

We understand that there may be more than a little confusion about what a warrant might be. There are a lot of reasons for this, and it might be a little confusing to try and understand exactly what a warrant is because of misinformation spread people and Hollywood. 

A warrant is an order from a judge, instructing law enforcement to make an arrest or perform a search. It is a very powerful legal document that authorizes law enforcement officers to take action in the pursuit of a criminal. There are two main kinds of warrants, a “warrant of arrest” and a “warrant for search.”

Getting a warrant out isn’t always easy. A warrant must be issued a judge or magistrate and signed the officer in charge of the investigation before it can be executed. There has to be enough cause for the warrant to be issued, and that’s why only specific people can issue them.

 A person who has been charged with an offense may be released on bail while awaiting trial if they agree to appear at all court proceedings and to abide certain conditions imposed the court, such as staying away from children, not drinking alcohol, and not contacting other people involved in the case.  This information may appear in the warrant, depending on the case.

The Constitution of the United States grants citizens in all 50 states the right to protection from search and seizure without a warrant under the 4th amendment, except for “exigent circumstances” where there is probable cause. There are a lot of situations where this might be the case, for example:

  • Something illegal is within the clear view of the officer.
    • This can happen at a traffic stop or if a cop can glance into your window and see something illegal.
  • A police officer witnesses you doing something illegal.
  • A police officer hears or smells something illegal.
    • This is common with marijuana in states where it is not legal.

Warrants have to follow a very specific protocol, lest they get tossed out. A warrant can be considered invalid if it’s not dated, the judge’s signature isn’t on it, or any number of things. The requirements can change a lot from state to state here, so just keep an eye out to be sure that you know how your state works.

Why Would Someone Do a Warrant Search?

There are a lot of reasons why someone might want to do a search for outstanding warrants. People value all sorts of things, like the safety of themselves and their loved ones for example. Knowing how to do your own warrant search can make a world of difference for a lot of reasons.

Another reason someone might want to do a search for outstanding warrants is if they are looking for information that is relevant to a criminal case. If you have any pertinent evidence or information about the person who has an outstanding warrant, it may be advantageous to share that with law enforcement in order to help them catch the suspect.

Finally, someone might want to do a search for outstanding warrants if they know of anyone who has one and if they need to steer clear of a specific person. Honestly, the most common reason why people look for warrants is to try and make sure that they are safe.

Comprehensive Background Checks: The National Wants & Warrants Search

The sheriff knows exactly who is suspected of a crime, and the general public deserves to have that same kind of information. By knowing how to do a warrant search, you can make sure that you have all the information that you need in order to stay safe.

There are a few common situations where someone will do a warrant search, for example:

  • Before a date.
  • On their neighbor.
  • To make sure that their family members aren’t getting into trouble.
  • To see if the person driving their child home is a safe person.
  • To make sure that the person who is watching their pet isn’t a dangerous person
  • When they are spending time with someone they don’t feel safe with.

There are hundreds of reasons why someone might want to do this kind of a search, and that’s exactly why it’s so common to see these kinds of searches done. Everywhere from Austin to Dallas has a whole lot of people looking for this information on a daily basis.

It’s not uncommon for people to be unsure of how they can go about getting this kind of information, and it’s even more uncommon for people to really know what to do after they get this information Fortunately, the answers to both of these questions are rather simple. 

How to do a Warrant Search in Texas

People try all sorts of ways to get warrant information in the state of Texas, and not every way that they try is going to be as good as it could be. There are a lot of reasons why this could be considered important a lot of people, and other people aren’t the only ones that you need to protect yourself from.

One thing that we feel the general public needs to know about an investigation in Texas, there can be several tactics that are commonly used on any given case that could result in you getting in a lot of trouble, even for things that you haven’t done. It’s a lot more common than you might realize.

That’s why it’s so important to know how to find this information efficiently. The first way that one might try to use is searching through police databases. This method leaves a whole lot to be desired and could leave you wishing that you had used another method.

There are a lot of issues with using these databases, and the biggest one is information availability. Not every county makes this information easily available to everyday people, and that’s where this gets really tricky really quickly. It’s kind of a game of luck to see if you’ll get the information this way. 

Let’s say you want to look in Tarrant county, Dallas county, and Guadalupe county. All three of those counties have populations of over 100,000, so you know that there’s a potential for criminals to be in the mix somewhere in each county.

You go to search through all three, and you find that the first one you check has the warrant information you’re looking for. The second asks you to email the sheriff’s department with your I.D. and the third one doesn’t have accurate information. None of that helps your search.

This is why you should try using a warrant search service or a personal background check service. Both of these kinds of services specialize in getting you just this kind of information instantly, which makes them incredibly useful tools for this kind of task no matter where you need to search.

In fact, these tools allow you to search nationwide, making it a very easy task to cast a wide net. All you need is the first name, last name, and current state of the person in question and you can get all of the information that you need without any fuss whatsoever. 

Don’t Waste Time on Ineffective Warrant Searches

Knowing how to find a Texas warrant without having to struggle with it can make a whole lot of difference in your daily life. Whether you’re looking for safety or peace of mind, you deserve to be able to find it with ease. 

Some people might feel like this is a nosey practice, but the information is on the public record which means that you can easily find the information that you’re looking for without having to stress yourself out about it too much, and that means that you can spend more time doing the thing that you love the most.