9006 / HB4 LED Bulbs

If you’re seeking out a manner to improve your manufacturing facility lighting fixtures and get the bulbs so that it will carry out right, pay interest at SuncentAuto LED bulbs. 9006/HB4 LED Headlight Bulbs can remain in shape without delay from the manufacturing facility bulb socket without more adjustments to the housing. There are many reasons why LED bulbs are that famous to many of the US automobile owners. The 9006 LED headlight lamp is able to impart 60W, 13,000LM of high-brightness lights output. The cool white mild of 6500K is clearer and brighter. The 9006 HB4 LED lighting fixtures are appropriate for 98% of the automobiles available in the marketplace without code mistakes or bulb flickering issues.

Benefits of 9006 LED Bulbs?

Efficiency Increase?

All of the headlight bulbs indexed in this web page are 9006 LED bulbs from famous manufacturers. The exceptional 9006 substitute bulbs have a lifespan of 30,000 to 50,000 hours or more. You will benefit from improved protection and performance to a complete warmness dissipation technique.


LED lighting fixtures have an extended lifespan, even as halogen bulbs have a far shorter lifespan. In the lengthy run, you’ll keep cash through changing your halogen bulbs with LED bulbs.

9003 MotoMaster OEPLUS® LED Headlight Bulb, 6000k Cool White Light, 2-pk |  Canadian Tire

Easy Installation?

The 9006 LED headlights are smooth to put in and take much less than 15 mins to put in. LEDs also can be hooked up in lots of older automobiles, consisting of SUVs and trucks. In general, 9006 bulbs aren’t ready with wiring features, making them smooth to put in.

Three Good Reasons To Buy SuncentAuto 9006 / HB4 BULBS!

  • Due to the removal of tungsten, glass, and other fragile components, LED lights are resistant to dampness and vibrations.
  • SuncentAuto LED chips outperform incandescent or halogen bulbs in terms of brightness and light output. You get more illumination as a result.
  • Generally speaking, LEDs last six times as long as regular halogen lamps. Therefore, enrolling in the LED course will cost far less than continually updating your lighting system.

Light Bulb Sizes Chart?

Find the light bulb base kind you’re seeking out with this light bulb sizes chart different vehicle models come in unique bulb sizes. Before shopping for new bulbs, gaining knowledge of the bulb length that suits your car is essential. SuncentAuto makes the bulb substitute procedure clean and brief for you.