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Who Is Father Of Mathematics And What Is A Matrix In Math?

Kyzer Smith
Who Is Father Of Mathematics And What Is A Matrix In Math?

The term “mathematics” originated from the Greek word “mathema” which means knowledge. The subject Mathematics comprises the study of different branches namely number theory, algebra, mathematical analysis, permutation and combination, mathematical logic, calculus, topology etc. Archimedes, who is the father of Mathematics lived between 287 BC – 212 BC. The birthplace of Archimedes was Syracuse, a Greek island of Sicily. He was assisting King Hiero II of Syracuse in resolving problems related to Mathematics and helping in expanding the king’s dynasty and his army.

A few notable innovations of Archimedes are as follows:

As a token of appreciation towards the contributions made Archimedes to the field of Science and for the outstanding achievement in Mathematics, “Fields Medal” is named after him. He was assassinated a Roman soldier in 212 BC.

The word matrix was devised an English mathematician named James Sylvester in the 19th century. The answer to the question of what is a matrix in math can be found here. A rectangular arrangement of numbers in the form of rows and columns is termed as a matrix. Various operations can be performed on matrices depending on the order of them. The number of rows and columns present in a matrix defines its order. The different types of matrices include:

The applications of matrices are as follows.

The uses of matrices have wide applicability. Few of them are listed above for reference.

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