Want to Know How To Find Someone’s Mugshot? Read Here:

Want to Know How To Find Someone’s Mugshot? Read Here:

Mugshots have been used for hundreds of years to help identify people that have been arrested for all sorts of reasons. Mugshots are also useful for the public to see. For instance, if a family member wants to verify that their loved one is actually the person that was arrested or someone themself just wants to see their mugshot after they were released. Knowing how to find someone’s mugshot is important for anyone that has any reason to find this information. If you don’t know how to do that you’re in the right place, and today we’re gonna tell you a couple of methods how.

A Brief History of Mugshots.


While we have been using mugshots for hundreds of years, the mugshots that are considered common practice were invented in 1888. The first mugshots were taken after the Paris Commune was captured. The Prefecture of Police of Paris hired a photographer, Eugene Appert, to take pictures of the commune. 

In 1888 another French photographer by the name of Alphonse Bertillon took a mugshot that you’d likely recognize. One frontal picture and one side profile picture. His method for taking mugshots quickly spread around Europe then all around the world, and now it’s the standard way to take mugshots no matter where you go.

Using County Resources to Find Mugshots.


A really easy way to find mugshots is to check your County Sheriff’s Department’s website. Your county’s Sheriff’s Department likely provides a database with arrest records, and in many cases, they will provide the mugshots alongside this information. Assuming that you happen to live in a county that provides this kind of information your search could be over just as quickly as you can search through this database.

Unfortunately, not every county provides databases, and not every county that has a database provides mugshots. It’s common for large counties that have a lot of funding to provide a database with this kind of information as well as a mugshot in many cases, but small counties that don’t have the funding are more likely to spend their limited resources elsewhere. 

Using Online Background Check Services to Find Mugshots.


Many companies exist online just to help people find exactly this kind of information. Online background check companies pull information from databases all over the country and provide the results instantly. If you can’t find the mugshot you’re looking for, there’s a good chance that you could find it using one of these services. You’ll also be able to find other information you may not have known you needed such as criminal history, driving records, court records, arrest records, and a lot more. The information you’ll receive depends entirely on what’s available on the public record. 

Finding the Mugshots You Need When You Need Them.


Regardless of the method you decide to go with, there’s a way to find the mugshots you need just when you need them. Mugshots are incredibly useful for identifying purposes, and having them available to the public can help people know for sure if it’s their loved one that was arrested. Fortunately, the internet has made information availability a lot easier for everyone, and finding the information you need is a piece of cake if you know the right places to look for it. 

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