Dash cam is one of the most amazing technology that we have today. As the number of road accidents and the crime rate is escalating day by day, it has become our moral duty to protect our vehicles in every way possible and dash cam is the best approach in achieving this goal.


Despite of its great popularity, majority of the people are still unaware of dash cam and so they are looking into it in a deeply manner. As in the previous articles I have given some basic information about the dash cam including the components of dash cam, I am going to list the incredible features in this article today.If you need detailed information about dash cam or you want to make a purchase of the dash cam, you can visit vdashcam.com.


An Introduction to Dash Cam:


Dash cam is a short form of dashboard camera which acts just like a surveillance camera for the car.AutoVillage.co.uk has a decent selection of used Mazda 2 cars to view online It records all the happenings of the car and even track the car. No matter whether you want to record your road trip or you want to secure your car from stealing or anything else, dash cam will definitely help you achieve that.


Dash cam also records unexpected events and happenings like accidents which can be sued for later investigation of the case. Dash cam is every bit of a blessing in this world of crime and due to high accident rate.


Features of Dash Cam:


The dash cam has incredible list of features making it one of an ideal car tool. Have a look at those features:


High Quality Processor:


Like every other digital system, the dash cam also have a heart which is its processor. All the working and efficiency of the dash cam depends upon this processor. There are multiple types of processors for dash cam available in the market so special focus should be laid on this while making a purchase of the dash cam.


Image Sensor & Camera Lens:


Image sensors are also range from high end to low end based on its quality. Both camera lens and image sensor determines the quality of the videos and images taken form the dash cam Auto Site


Loop Recording:


Just like surveillance cameras, dash cam also have a loop recording feature which means that the recording continues in a loop even when the memory is full and the earliest recording starts to be overwritten.