The form of the statement shall be prescribed by the section of workforce developing

The section of employees developing certifies under s

138.14(4)(a)3. 3. If an applicant who is a specific won’t have a personal security amounts, the candidate, as a disorder of making an application for a license, shall upload a statement generated or signed under oath or affirmation to your division that the applicant does not have a social security numbers. Any licenses granted in reliance upon a false statement submitted by a job candidate was invalid.

138.14(4)(b) (b) during generating software, an applicant for a licenses shall spend to the division a nonrefundable $300 cost for investigating the application form and a $500 annual licenses charge. If the cost of the examination exceeds $300, the applicant should upon demand of division cover toward unit the amount by which the price of the researching goes beyond the nonrefundable cost.

138.14(4)(c) (c) The division shall need any applicant or licensee to submit and sustain in force a connect in a sum to not meet or exceed $5,000 for every bar or nightclub of which the candidate or licensee produces payday advances to a Wisconsin homeowner. The connection will be in a type recommended by and appropriate on the division.

138.14(5)(a) (a) Upon the processing of a credit card applicatoin under sub. (4) together with cost of the necessary charge, the division shall explore the relevant truth. Except as supplied in par. (b) , if division discovers that figure and general fitness as well as the financial obligations associated with the candidate, and also the people thereof when the applicant is actually a partnership, limited liability providers, or connection, therefore the officials and directors thereof in the event the candidate is a corporation, warrant the fact that business is operated in compliance using this point, the unit shall problem a license to the candidate. In the event that division cannot generate these receiving, the unit shall refute the application.

138.14(5)(b)3. 3. The applicant fails to comply, after proper notice, with a subpoena or warrant given by the section of staff development or a region child service institution under s. 59.53 (5) and associated with paternity or kid support legal proceeding.

138.14(5)(b)4. 4. The client was late in creating court-ordered money of youngsters or household service, upkeep, delivery expenditures, health expenditures, or other expenses about the help of a young child or previous spouse, as offered in a memorandum of recognizing registered into under s. 49.857 .

138.14(5)(c) (c) a permit shall remain in energy and results until dangling or revoked prior to this area or surrendered by the licensee, and a licensee shall, on or before every December 10, pay on the division the yearly license fee for the next succeeding season.

138.14(5)(d) (d) a permit is not assignable and permits process under they just at or from the place of business given inside the licenses.

138.14(5)(elizabeth) (e) A licensee shall conspicuously publish a licenses at the place of business where in actuality the licensee produces payday advance loan, or if carrying out company through the Internet, regarding the licensee’s webpage so your license is very easily seen by a consumer.

No change in the area of business of a licensee to another urban area, town, or community is permitted in exact same license

138.14(6)(a) (a) Anytime a licensee adjustment the target of their office to another venue inside the exact same town, town, or community, the licensee shall bring authored observe thereof, in a form and means prescribed because of the division, for the unit within 10 working days in the relocation in addition to unit shall exchange the first permit with an amended permit revealing the newest target.