Tips and Tricks for Preparing JEE Main

Tips and Tricks for Preparing JEE Main

much needed. This article can guide you with some tips that can help you ace the examination and get admitted into your dream college.

Attending a coaching institute can help and guide you with your preparation. Some of which include the IIT JEE Coaching center located in Pune that can well-equipped students with the best knowledge and concepts of the subjects concerned with this Entrance exam. Tutoratti is another, that can provide students with the best informative learning tools that cover the entire JEE syllabus.

Coming to the exam’s new pattern, the candidates will be given a choice to attempt 75 out of 90 questions, that is 25/30 in Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry each. To score more in all the subjects, some tips are jotted down subject-wise.


Scoring a 100% in JEE main might be tough, but who says it is impossible? Mathematics is no doubt a scoring subject but also a subject that can reduce your final score. It is a subject that requires a strategy to tackle.

  • Practice: It is a subject that requires regular practice. Students need to devote at least half an hour or an hour at the most every day to practice numerical. Math classes are not supposed to be missed unless in unavoidable circumstances and concentration in class makes it less hard. After practicing, revising is a must. The recommended book includes the NCERT textbook which can boost your knowledge in understanding.
  • Test yourself: Ask yourself questions and test your reasoning, knowledge acquired, and aptitude.
  • Solve wisely: Solve the problems based on “easy ones first, then medium followed by difficult ones”. By doing this can gradually generate confidence and calms the student down which can help them to analyze the tricky ones steadily without panicking.


Another subject is Physics which also requires one to be quick in analyzing and smart as it can also be a scoring subject.

  • Read NCERT books thoroughly: Most of the questions that come in JEE Main question papers can be answered or solved by just studying from the NCERT textbooks properly and thoroughly. Covering most of the topics or almost all that is in the NCERT textbooks can indeed equip one with in-depth knowledge of the topics. Reading 4 to 5 times with consistent practicing of examples is required to master it.
  • Read other reference Books: After the NCERT textbook, one can also refer to books like Concepts in Physics written by Dr. HC Verma for basics as strong conceptual knowledge is the building block when it comes to application and solving problems. along with the application of concepts to problems is the key to ace JEE Main Physics.
  • Concentrate in class: Pay close attention to teachers in class and concentrate. Try to solve as many problems as you can including previous’ years question papers.


  • Consistent Practice is the key: Try to practice many mock papers as possible with speed apart from studying for basic knowledge and understanding.
  • NCERT book is the best option: The majority of questions in Chemistry in JEE Main are straightforward and based only on facts elucidated in the NCERT textbook.