Ah summer! A time to kick back, relax and de-stress from the school year. Of course, if you’re a recent high school graduate who is planning to attend college in the fall, there are a few things you should be getting done during these warm weather months.

Here is a preparation checklist with some of the boxes incoming freshmen should plan to cross off before packing up their moving boxes.

Create Your Own Checklist

To help make the most out of this transitionary phase, the first recommended step is to develop a detailed plan for your time over the summer. Creating an agenda like this can help keep you organized and on schedule. That way, you’re not left scrambling in the week or two ahead of classes.

Coordinate Your Finances

College is an expensive experience. As such, it’s crucial to have a frank conversation with your family to organize the finances if you haven’t already. Do this by laying out a thorough budget to cover the costs of dining, textbooks, extracurricular activities and everything else early on.

Students are also advised to visit the school’s website to learn more about managing their finances and any financial aid opportunities. There are also third-party services and even apps, like EncourageMe, that help incoming students learn how to make college more affordable.

Complete the Paperwork

After balancing your budget, it’s essential to fill out the necessary paperwork. You’ll need to finalize enrollment forms, tie up housing documents and register for your first semester classes just to name a few. At this time, you’ll have to send transcripts from your high school to the university if you haven’t already.

High School Senior College Planning Checklist - Detroit and Ann Arbor Metro  Parent

You may also need to create an account online, especially if you’re living on campus. Through your account, you can typically access information regarding tuition, meal plans, housing and more. Don’t forget to register for orientation as well.

Tidy Up Your Housing Arrangements

Living on your own for the first time can be overwhelming to say the least. Preparing for this part of the adventure may even require a checklist all on its own. One main point should be to acquire dorm room and other necessary housing supplies in advance. Before you head out shopping, it’s recommended to get the room’s dimensions to avoid overpacking. Colleges routinely provide these measurements as well as a list of essentials to reference what’s needed as well as what’s not allowed.

If sharing a space, consider contacting your roommates to determine if any big furnishings are still needed. You may also want to brush up on any neglected around-the-house skills. Often, life skills, such as doing laundry and waking up independently, are handled by parents creating potential setbacks for young adults. Avoid this by preparing for independent life before moving out.

Look After Your Well-Being

Another vital box to check off is to schedule a doctor’s appointment. Getting a checkup is a great opportunity to assess health insurance status, be up to date with immunizations and refill any prescriptions.

This is also a good time to check in on your mental health. Pursuing higher education is stressful. Take a step back from the stress by having fun, pursuing interests outside of education and hanging with friends and family during the summer.

Ready, Set, Go

Getting everything in place before that first 101 class takes quite a bit of prep work. But with patience, planning and plenty of tenacity, you’ll be ready to take on this exciting challenge and kickstart your adult life.