Public transportation plays a vital part in people’s daily lives, so it’s essential that the sector gets an upgrade with technology, too. The use of QR codes has greatly improved the transportation industry, benefitting commuters, motorists, passengers, drivers, and everyone using transportation services.

It’s easy to see why a lot of public transportation sectors around the world are starting to use a reliable QR code generator online. It has made the overall commuting experience easier. It encourages more people to take these public transportation services so they can save money on fuel and ultimately, lessen the traffic.

Take a look at how public transportation sectors from different countries are using QR codes in their services.

Easier Payment Alternatives

One of the best uses for QR codes is for payments. Different banks and digital wallets let these sectors generate a specialized QR code, which people can scan to pay their fares. This works in all transportation services, including trains, buses, and even taxis.

In the Philippines, the bus routes going in and out of Bonifacio Global City, one of Manila’s business districts, can pay their fare through a digital wallet. Passengers only need to generate a QR code from the app and scan it before entering the bus.

This makes the process a whole lot easier and more convenient because there’s no third party involved in payment processing.

Public Transportation Schedule

With QR codes, it’s also much easier to check the schedule of public transportation services. This way, you’ll know exactly what time you leave the house, making sure you come on time to your work, school, or appointment.

This also becomes a lot more convenient, thanks to the dynamic QR code feature of most online QR code generators, allowing operators to change the information in the QR code in real-time.

Ensure The Safety Of Passengers

Safety is always one of the primary concerns that people fear riding public transportation. It’s not just the people that you ride with that can become a safety issue; sometimes, the drivers of your cabs can also be a safety concern, especially for women. That’s why the Delhi Police in India use a PDF QR code to make commuters feel safer on the road.

In 2017, the Delhi Police in India placed QR codes on different modes of public transportation. Once scanned, it should reveal the driver’s name, address, and registration number of the vehicle. You can send these details to your friends or loved ones, just so you know who you’re last with if an unfortunate happening ever occurs.

Renting A Bike Around The City

Aside from public transportation and ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft, another popular way to travel around the city is renting a bike. It’s become more widely available in many cities around the world, especially in Europe. To help organizations track bike rentals more conveniently, using QR codes can help.

When booking a bike, you can unlock the bike scanning the QR code through the mobile app developed the rental company. This is connected to your profile, which then records the time that you rented the bike, the time you returned, how much the fee is, and more. Similarly, you scan the QR code to return and lock the bike.

Find Out More About The Uses Of QR Codes

QR codes are an extremely versatile tech, so the ways to use them are endless! Be it as promotional material or a data gathering tool, a QR code generator with logo software can be used for your personal, business, or commercial use.