According to some information from the Ministry of Internal Affairs which is the competent authority for issuing permits to purchase arms for legal entities and permits to carry weapons, the legal security agencies have a huge number of weapons. According to this is a clear indication that private security agencies the carrying of firearms should not consider as a priority in performing work tasks.

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Do you know that there are so many people in the government who carry weapons and then they end up committing crimes? This happens in many countries around the world. They feel like they have the power to do whatever they want to.Some of them say that they only got the gun because they only wanted to provide safety for themselves and their family.

Possession of weapons is still a right to every mentally and physically healthy person and the public disclosure of individuals who have a weapon can be a strong signal to thieves. Thus, there are so many cases where people publish photos of them sleeping on money or they photograph their jewelry or some other expensive things in their home. This is a clear indication to the thieves that you have valuables in your home. It is a mistake that many people make when publishing such things on social media.

There are also a  lot of companies which are the largest importers of weapons like AK 47 as well as companies that are licensed to sell weapons and ammunition. But there are also individuals who sell weapons illegally. And every day the police is hunting them trying to stop their crime.

The activity of trade in weapons, ammunition and weapon is a legal business and should be performed only under legal conditions. All the companies should obtain approval to import weapons, ammunition and weapon parts in order to sell them. Trade companies can sell weapons and ammunition only to or persons who have a permit to acquire weapons.

Perpetrators of killings, aremostly men, and the victims are usually women. According to the age statistics, the majority of killers are aged 18 to 45 years. Criminologists analyze the profile of killers, their emotional and social status.

They have a low threshold of tolerance, are emotionally immature, unstable and anxious. The fact that over 90 percent of the killers are mentally not stable is very concerning.

Most murders are committed with firearms, with cold weapons, and some of the murders are committed use of physical force or with a hard object.

The gun is used in 60 percent of cases, and a rifle in 15 to 20 percent. So 70-80 percent of the perpetrators had used firearms. Now, why? Well, an easy way to get to weapons is the illegal market. There are so many countries that unfortunately, fall into the group of countries where it is very easy to get to illegal weapons.