Fun Things To Do In Birmingham

Fun Things To Do In Birmingham

Birmingham is a lovely town with all sorts of fun things you can do alone, with friends, or even with your family. Whether you’re a tourist or you live in the city there’s a good chance that at some point you’ve found yourself thinking “What are the things to do near me?” at some point or another, and fortunately for you there are a ton of family friendly things as well as more adult friendly things for you to do, no matter who you intend on going out with. No matter your preferences, there’s something to do in Birmingham that you’ll have a lot of fun doing.

Indoor Go-Kart Racing, Anyone?

If you like racing go-karts, or you have family members that do, there’s no better place to do it than Birmingham’s own indoor go-kart course. Racing your friends and family is a great time whether you just want to go fast or you have a more competitive spirit.

Birmingham’s indoor go-karting course has some of the best go-karts available. They use third generation electric go-karts so they provide incredibly high performance. Their go-karts  can reach speeds of up to 50 miles an hour which is a great speed for all of you adrenaline junkies out there.

For those of you that are concerned about safety you’ll be glad to know that the go-kart course is as well. Each cart has professional grade four-point racing safety harnesses,  dual disk brakes for easy slowing and stopping, and a transponder so employees can slow down or even stop karts in the case of an emergency. The tracks are even fitted with advanced barrier systems to make sure that even if you do crash into the walls you’ll be safe.

The facility also takes COVID-19 very seriously and sanitizes everything multiple times a day. That means that you can still have a great deal of fun while being able to not worry about one of the biggest stressors of the last year.

Do you Want to Throw Some Axes?

Axe throwing is a great workout and a wonderful sport. At Birmingham’s axe throwing facility you’ll first be briefed by an axe throwing coach, and then you can get right into some good, clean, axe throwing fun knowing that your technique and posture is the least likely to cause you injury.

For those of you that don’t know, axe throwing is the perfect combination of strength and accuracy. Throwing an axe takes some strength, especially if you want to get it to stick. The accuracy come in with the board that you’re throwing the axes at. It’s almost like a dart board. In fact, axe throwing is a lot like darts in a lot of ways. The throwing motion is different and the size of the target is different, but the mechanics of the game are largely the same.

The best part is that Birmingham’s indoor go-kart racing facility is also Birmingham’s axe throwing facility. You will need to book an appointment for axe throwing, but it’s great knowing exactly how much fun people are having in these places.

Making Your Day a Good One

Everyone likes to have a good time. Whether they like to get their heart pumping or just sit back and relax and enjoy the weather. Fortunately, between all of the fun activities provided by Birmingham’s indoor go-karting rink as well as the beautiful Alabama climate both are easily possible if you know where to look. Whether you want to bring the whole family, group of friends, or even just come alone you’ll be able to find something that will give you the kind of fun you’re looking for in your day.