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Different Types of Juvenile Crimes

Douglas Walters

The Juvenile system is more focused in rehabilitation than punishment. In Florida, any person who commits crime under the age of 18 will be handled the Juvenile Justice System. Even if rehabilitation is the focus, for repeat juvenile offenders, some State attorney’s office may convict as an adult. In a case where your child committed a juvenile crime, parental punishment could be one of the sentences and the minor may not be entered into the legal system. It is not just the child at fault but the parents as well. Making it important to reach out to a defense lawyer if you and your child who is dealing with juvenile crime.

A juvenile is taken into custody for a violation of law would be given options. (1) Juvenile is released to a parent or guardian. Officer then sends charges to State Attorney’s Office. Or (2) Juvenile is brought to Juvenile Assessment Center with the case sent to State Attorney’s Office the same day. The center is a facility responsible for the intake of all minors arrested in Broward County which assesses each youth and determines their risk to public.The Department of Juvenile Justice is the agency responsible for individuals under the age of eighteen years charged with juvenile crimes.

Juvenile crimes may be the following but not limited to:


Most sentences may include community service, or required attendance in community self-improvement course. Some judgments may result to restitution, counseling, and drug treatment in which cases where illegal or the unauthorized prescription drugs were in the allegation. However, in some instances of offense of a minor, the accused can be convicted as an adult and may be moved out of the Juvenile Justice System. This is dependent on the discretion approved a judge.


Where evidence may be a challenge for the law enforcement agency; officers tend to gather evidences without following process. Evidences may be illegally held. Thus, a criminal defense attorney could take into action to have the charges dropped. Also, in some cases, mistaken identity may be possible as peers may mistakenly identify the accused leading the arrest of the innocence.

When hiring a lawyer on this case, find one who is familiar with Juvenile Court System. Visit this website to get more information on Juvenile Crimes and to get a reliable and sharp defense lawyer who will help you along the way.

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