Wraparound glasses are back in the inventory and this brings the amazing opportunity of cycling, swimming, and even cricket as part of summertime activities. Wraparound glasses have previously gained most attraction from sporting activities as they were better equipped to shield against the sun rays and winds. But back in the 21st century, wraparound glasses have become a daily affair for easy and comfortable fitting.

This feature will specially cover the wraparound frames that are still emerging with innovative designs from a variety of brands. This feature also provides some top wraparound models that will be trending in the UK market this summer.

Summer is almost here but it won’t be impressive enough without a new pair of glasses. People may mostly buy glasses to enable their versatile personality, perhaps with a new hairstyle or new shoes. But, genuine customers always keep their eyes on the quality and protective features. Protective features of wraparound glasses will include anti-glare and anti-reflection properties. It will provide formidable protection against the harmful UV rays coming from the sunlight. Many branded wraparound glasses possess impact-resistance features as well.

Basically, Wraparound glasses bear a semi-circular frame shape that wraps around your head and covers the whole eye for better protection against winds and lights. Wraparound glasses may possess an additional lens shield or may also be available with 2-lens design technology. So are they effective and good?

As per eyewear experts from SmartBuyGlasses, a global online eyewear brand, wraparound glasses are highly protective against UVA rays that can penetrate your retina. Their studies show that lenses become ineffective when excessive UV rays enter through potential gaps in the standard glasses. But with a wraparound design, you remain free of UV rays as wraparounds are famous for tight and comfortable fitting, leaving no gaps at all.

There are other benefits of wraparound glasses as well. They are light and compact in nature providing ample durability. The best wraparound glasses can also eliminate glares and reflections from shiny surfaces. You might have observed them while driving. Wraparound glasses are built with precision technology with polarizing effects.

Use Virtual Try-On Tool To Try Latest Wraparound Glasses In The UK

Customers are increasingly adapting to superior technology while buying new glasses. In the UK, SmartBuyGlasses used a hi-tech environment and technology to provide a cool shopping experience to its customers. Now the technology is in your hands and you can wisely use them to get the best glasses for this summer.

The Virtual Try-On (VTO) tool is an online interface that lets you record selfie videos. The tool then uses its intelligence program to analyse the video. You can use this analysis as a mirror-like feature to select the best frames for your face.

Remember that, determining your face shape is crucial to find the best glasses to suit your face shape.

Nike TOUR EV0744 001


It is one of the most trending glasses of all time. Nike Tour is a pure delight with adjustable frictional nose pads and ventilated Nose Bridge for higher comfort. It improves vision with more clarity and reduces fogging.

Spy LOGAN 670939243863


Set a new vision with the latest model from Spy+. The Spy+ Logan glasses feature strong polycarbonate lenses encased on durable plastic frames and also offer Category-3 UV protection.

Serengeti Matera 8728


If you are looking for little expensive ones, then the Serengeti Matera model is there to amplify your personality with versatile features like photochromic lenses and a Category-3 UV protection system.

Gunnar Torpedo 360 Blue-Light Block TR3-00101


Feature-rich Gunnar Torpedo glasses are made with plastic frames and the amber lens tint blocks the harmful artificial light, thereby reducing digital eye strain.

SmartBuy Kids Kenny 3L VC3480


If you are looking for prescription wraparound glasses for your kids, then this is a brilliant option to provide comfort with anti-glare properties. SmartBuy Kids Collection glasses are also scratch-resistant.

The best part with SmartBuyGlasses is that you get a 2-year warranty if you buy glasses online.