Tips for Burn Care and Treatment

According to the American Burn Association, almost half a million individuals suffer some sort of burn every year. Moreover, according to stats from 2010, one person died from injuries sustained in fires every 169 minutes in that year. That is a rough estimate of eight people per day or 2,920 every year.

These are very frightening stats. Furthermore, these injuries can come from many sources. Whatever the case, when this happens it is important to know what to do to prevent unnecessary scarring, pain, and disfigurement while promoting rapid healing of the wounds or containing and soothing the burns until proper medical help arrives.

Types of Burns

Just in case you did not know, there are three degrees of burns. It is important for you to know this because it can be the difference between merely keeping them alive and preventing long-term scarring and infection.

· First-degree burns that typically only affect the outer layer of the skin and causes redness, swelling and pains

· Second-degree burns, otherwise called partial thickness burns, usually involve both the outer skin layers and the layers underneath. These typically have all the attributes of the first-degree burns and then blistering.  This is usually more painful than the first and can result in skin discoloration temporarily or permanently.

· Third-degree burns, otherwise referred to as full thickness, burns often involve the outer and deeper skin layers. These often result in blackened, disfigured and extensively scarred skin.

While most first-degree burns may fall into the category of mild or moderate burns which typically don’t cause much damage, the second and third-degree burns tend to be severe particularly when the significant areas of the body are involved.

Treatment and Care Options

There are quite a few treatment options when it comes to burn care and treatment. The following should serve as decent guides for you.

First Aid Treatment and Care

If in the kitchen, run some cool water on the burn, dip the part in cold water, or wrap a towel soaked in cool water around the area. This should help prevent blistering and swelling. Then cover the burn using a dry, sterile bandage or cloth. Whatever you do, don’t apply ice or cold water. They tend to cause more skin damage and worsen the burns. If a person is in pain and the injury does not look bad, get them some pain relief meds. Some believe that using honey, grease, oil spray and butter will relieve the burns, but you must avoid applying these as they tend to worsen the burns, cause friction or induce swelling.

Proper Burn Care and Treatments

Please always note that first aid treatments are meant to keep the victim in stable condition or help them stay uninfected until the doctor arrives. If it is first-degree burns, you may not need to call a doctor – at least not until it is clearly infected. However, if it is second and third degree burns, get a doctor immediately after making the person comfortable.

The best thing to do, however, would be to avoid anything that will cause you any burns. Take all preventive measures and keep yourself safe from any harm and danger. That way, you will be safe and unlikely to suffer any burns.


About the author:

The writer, Oscar King, is a former EMT residing in Orlando who has dealt with a number of burn injuries, many of which were caused by the negligence of others. If you have suffered this type or any other type of injury due to somebody else’s carelessness, he highly recommends finding a qualified personal injury attorney such as David Heil, PA. You can learn more about Oscar on Google+.

What is the importance of networking?

Business networking is an invaluable part of any business strategy. As a matter of fact, networking is one of the most valuable things that any business owner and corporate executive can do with their time in terms of making an investment in their respective companies. Networking, by far, is the best way to spread the word about your business.

The best thing about networking is that it’s free, at least most of the time. You can do it just about anywhere and not only will you get the benefit of finding people that you can work with, which can also help you get your company ahead and on track to be one of the biggest companies in the world.

Let’s be clear. Networking isn’t selling. Of course, there will be times where sales events will masquerade as networking events. But most networking events are simply informal events where like-minded people get together in a laid back atmosphere and simple chats can turn into business opportunities.

Face to face networking events are a great way for you to create a lasting impression on many of your peers in the local market. Experts all agree that it’s not what you know, what you do or how well you do it. It’s about who you know and who you collaborate with that has the potential to take you to the top. Networking events give you the opportunity to put your best foot forward, create lasting relationships with the who’s who of your community and ultimately help you business grow.

For example, let’s say that you are a startup company that needs to get the word out about your product or service. Of course you have all of the marketing you can afford working to bring customers to your door. But what if you could get referrals from a well-respected local businessman? That’s right. By networking, you can create the relationships that will get you the highest quality leads possible, which can result in the exponential growth of your business.

While you might feel as though you have too much on your plate to attend a networking event, but the truth is that you simply can’t afford to not go. These events provide an incredible opportunity for you to grow your business and establish connections with those who are in the best position to help you succeed. They also provide a great opportunity to learn something and get ideas.

Of course, networking events aren’t one sided. They are an opportunity for all to reap mutual benefits. In order to get the most out of these events, you have to be able to help others. How can you offer a service or help another? These are questions you should ask yourself before heading out for a night of networking.

Ask any business owner or corporate executive of a successful business enterprise and they will tell you that your network is priceless. It takes time and commitment to establish a strong network, but in the end, your net worth is only as good as your network. Contact Bristol Who’s Who for more information on how you can create a solid network today.

Bristol Who’s Who is a company that is dedicated to helping you establish a strong business network. If you are looking to network with other business professionals in your area, contact Bristol’s Who’s Who today.

Modern SEO Strategies that Work

Knowing that SEO services can help make your site known to the target audience, you do all things that you think could help. However, doing just the basics will not be enough given that there are plenty of other sites that use the same methods. The key to make your SEO efforts work is by updating your means utilizing the modern tools that made SEO a lot better and effective.

  1. Use Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools and think of it as an evolved Google AdWords Keyword Tool.  Instead of spending hours just to point out relevant keywords, the improved tools will identify optimal keywords by digging deep into your analytics.
  2. Rely on your head, not on Google. Decide which topics are worth writing for and not because a Google search dictated you to do so. Think as your readers and you will find it easier to identify topics that are worth reading. Instead of spending time searching on Google, fill your schedule with time to connect with your existing audience. Ask their opinions and what information they’d like to find on your site.
  3. Build a community. One of the most effective SEO tools is providing the audience with a place where they can discuss a range of topics. You can observe the issues that tick them, the questions that they’d like to be answered, and even words of encouragement that will inspire you to make the site better for them.
  4. Consider SEO as a whole and not as a to-do list. In the past, SEO seems to be an endless list of tasks to do. Creating a unique URL name, finding the best keywords, increasing the page rank, and more. With a modern approach to SEO, all it would take is to focus on making the site known in the right community. This means that in order to make everything work, you first need to have a ready audience. Start with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. From there, invite them into forums where a common topic is discussed by the body. In both areas, you can then promote your site where they can find relevant issues from their individual concerns. Make sure to put appropriate links, images, bullets, and your own opinions. Remember to credit owners appropriately in order to maintain respect in the community. A combination of these things will work a lot better than considering only the choices made by default SEO tools like keyword search tools among others.

If you go deeper into it, notice how social media communities become an integral part of SEO. Most people who spend time using the internet is driven by a community that they belonged to. It is then a smart move to focus your efforts into finding ways to infiltrate into these communities and offer what you have rather than trust on their whims to use search engines. By the way, communities also have their very own search engines on their sites so expect to have a lot of the members searching internally rather than outside of their camps.


Is there an ROI for Emotional Intelligence Training?

At the Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP) we’ve been studying human potential and the effects of pressure on performance and leadership since 1998. We’ve delivered our Emotional Intelligence workshops to thousands of companies and tens of thousands of individuals.

The purpose of this article is to help you understand, the real, hard, financial return on investment that Emotional Intelligence (EI) training programs provide. We have collected data from leading research institutions and along with our own research to present the business case for developing leaders to be more emotionally intelligent.

What is clear is that EI is no longer a nice to have for organizations aspiring to be high performing; it is a need to have.

Of our clients – Northern Trust Bank – said to us: “Providing training

As one of our clients – Northern Trust Bank – said to us: “Providing training in Emotional Intelligence to our leaders has become like our phone systems – it’s not a question of whether we need one, it’s a question of which is the best for our organization.”

Here is some key research demonstrating the business impact of EI training:

  • Over 80% of competencies that differentiate top performers from others are in the domain of EI.1
  • Companies, who have executives with higher levels of emotional intelligence, are more likely to be highly profitable. 2
  • After supervisors in a manufacturing plant received training in emotional competencies, lost-time accidents were reduced by 50 percent, formal grievances were reduced from 15 per year to 3 per year, and the plant exceeded productivity goals by $250,000.3
  • American Express tested emotional competence training on Financial Advisors; trained advisors increased business 18.1% compared to 16.2% for a control group.4
  • After a Motorola manufacturing facility provided training in stress management and Emotional Intelligence, 93% of employees had an increase in productivity.5
  • Our research of over 10,000 global leaders revealed that primary differentiator between high and low performing leaders is their level of Emotional Intelligence.6

The ROI goes beyond job performance: a 3-year study of 3,122 Swedish workers showed that transformational managerial behaviors was significantly associated with lower cardiac risk7 and employees who perceived that their supervisors treated them fairly had 30% lower Coronary Heart Disease incidents after adjustment for other risk factors8. Now, there is an important return for Emotional Intelligence training!

For a more in-depth look at the ROI for Emotional Intelligence workshops, visit:


1. Harvard Business Review (2003)

2. Dulewicz, C., Young, Dulewicz, V. The relevance of emotional intelligence for leadership performance. Journal of General Management (2008)

3. Orme, G (2003b), “Emotional Intelligence – perspectives and people,” Competency & Emotional Intelligence, vol. 10, no.4, Summer 2003, pp 43-48

4. American Express Study, (Cherniss, 2000).

5. HeartMath, 2007

6. Institute for Health and Human Potential, 10 year study: How to Grow Your Career (2011)

About the Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP):

Since 1996, we’ve been tapping into the best evidence-based research we can find about performance, human potential and how to manage under pressure. We uncover the nuggets that we believe are worth exploring, developing and sharing. Then we study this even further (over 200,000 people have been through various parts of our assessment center) to help us develop not only clear language to understand the research, but also tools and practical activities via our emotional intelligence workshops and leadership training classes that help people and organizations apply what we learn.

How to Choose a Vehicle for Urban Delivery Work

The city streets are a hive for transportation. They are abuzz with the constant activity of vans, trucks, cars, motorbikes and bicycles trying their best to get packages to places on time.The choice for people working in the industry is not a matter of simply which cargo to take where, but which vehicles to pick for each route.

Marvellous Motorbikes

The motorbike features a great deal of versatility, yet it also the speed required for delivery work. The benefit of bikes, from small scooters to larger cruisers, is that they can move a package very swiftly through clogged streets, even if they cannot carry too many goods. This results in them being perfect for short notice jobs; the rider can leap onto the bike and speed off to a given point, and get back as quickly as possible, with plenty of time for the next job.

Best Bicycles

Bicycles appear ready-made for urban delivery work as they are light, nimble and yet able to move over long distances down alleys and past heavily blocked roads. But when picking a bicycle over other modes of transport, you should do more than just decide based on the quantity of cargo. Some cities are more receptive to cycles than others. Traffic lights, closed roads and dead-end paths can hold up trips, and at times you could be delayed by the weather. All such issues need to be carefully considered, but in the end, if you have proper, seasoned riders and good, reliable bicycles, they are an excellent way to navigate the inner-city maze.

Canny Cars

There seems to be a greater number of cars being used for delivery work, since they use less fuel (so are better for the environment than vans) and can transport more cargo safely than bikes or cycles. This gives them an advantage when transporting fragile goods, such as human organs for medical use.

Vital Vans

Vans are certainly the most commonly used vehicle for inner-city delivery work. There are many on the road at all times transporting mail, materials, vegetables and many other products. They are big enough to hold a large quantity of goods (for numerous clients), yet are compact enough to zip through smaller streets and discover places to park. In choosing a van, you need to consider the types of clients that you have and the nature of your jobs. It is not good business to take on too many clients if your vehicles can’t handle it.

Presale Passwords – Buy tickets before everyone else!

We all are fans of some music artists or concerts or sports that we would never like to miss. But generally, we tend to miss out to buy the tickets to such shows and face huge disappointments. To help you from such disappointment, one can make use of Presale tickets.

What are Presale Passwords?

Presale tickets in short is nothing but a ticket that you can buy before the tickets are opened to general public for buying. It means that, say you want to attend a sports event, and you are able to buy its tickets 2-3 days before the general public gets the chance to do so. And to this, all one needs is Presale Passwords. So, a presale password is your key to buying presale tickets. Isn’t that fascinating?

Though every shows doesn’t have a Presale Password, yet if any show is going to provide it, then why would you like to miss it? It’s always great to get tickets for your favorite events beforehand, and you may even get a discount for it.

Get Presale Passwords online

You can easily get presale passwords online from multiple websites that provide it. Three of the quality websites that offer presale passwords are:

  • Wiseguys Presales – Get presale ticket to hottest shows with Wise Guys.
  • PreSale Codes – Get presale ticket codes to events that you want to go at Presale codes.
  • – Get Presale ticket to multiple shows with safe payment options at

Don’t miss the shows of your favorite artists anymore

With the help Presale Passwords, you can overcome the fear of missing the shows of your favorite artists. You can now easily avail the option of buying tickets beforehand even before it is released to the general public. Most of the times, you may even get this opportunity at discounted rates.

You can compare the membership pricing of various websites before going for one. The membership plans generally start from $5 per month, and there are various types of plans that you can opt. As obvious as it sounds, you get more if you pay more.

You no longer need to fight with the general public to avail tickets to the favorite shows of your artists. With Presale passwords, you can easily be way ahead than others in getting the ticket to your favorite shows. All you need to do is join one of the sites mentioned above and you are good to go for buying Presale tickets.


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While mainly focusing on electronic items for sale, also offers a variety of other merchandise, such as filters, pumps and hot tubs from Intex. For customers who need sets of jewelry, bags and other accessories for personal use or as gifts, the website also offers unique products from top manufacturers. The online shop also displays all products for sale along with their specific features and prices, so that customers can get to know each item conveniently and in just a few clicks.

When visiting, shoppers can expect to get exciting items on top of their purchases. Freebies await customers who order an item through the website, as well as free fast shipping so they can enjoy their purchased product without the extra charges. also houses a section to keep customers informed about the latest products in the market,

Pixaroma – Free Design Resources

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Ways to Save Yourself from Bed Bugs

Though an authorized pest control agent will most likely accomplish these jobs better, officially and properly, they may be costly, specifically for an entire house. So you dont need to worry about how to get rid of bed bugs as these actions to eliminating bed bugs can help you if you wish to accomplish it yourself:

Begin by locating the bed bugs. Sometimes said than done; their smooth form allows them to suit into hardly visible cracks the thickness of the credit card.

Rather than useless generalised spraying, supply yourself having a bright torch and target their nests. Look for juniors people and eggs, noting that occasionally personal eggs are spread all around the house.

Dismantle bed frames and remain the elements on the sides. Take away underneath the boxspring to be able to examine and handle since there is a great chance they’re within your bed. Check underneath the material stapled within the box springs for the body.

Holes or pockets in material or the gauze of the bed likely indicates eggs and bed bugs will be inside. Insect control companies suggest infested beds be trashed since rules affect managing beds with pesticides. But though you do this, you have to eliminate the bed bugs currently in your house, normally the brand new bed can be infested.

Crevices and breaks of bed frames, helps and connected area rails, foot and mind boards all have to be carefully examined, particularly if the body is wood. Bedbugs choose timber material and document much more than plastic or steel.

If you fail to afford to displace the bed, machine it completely. Brushing helps. It will help but won’t destroy eggs and the insects hidden within bed or the boxspring.

Use pesticide about sleep elements, box springs and the bed without treating clothing, bedsheets, blankets or the mattress area.

After dusting and spraying, encase the boxspring in another sealable cover as well as your bed in one single. If you simply protect boxspring and your bed with plastic, the bed bugs may chew through it. Fabric might be secure and much more comfortable. Sensitivity supply companies offer zippered encasements for dust mite avoidance.

Maintaining the bed covers covered to get 1 5 years or a year guarantees you ruin the insect’s lifecycle. Examine the carrier frequently for harm; close them with permanent recording if you discover any holes or holes and trapped insects will die.

Just use pesticide to your bed extremely few do, and when the product name specifically describes it. In case you find one, use it towards the whole bed, starting joints, tufts, and folds like a light water therefore the substance permeates these hiding places. Allow before using it to dry. Never rest directly without bed linens on a treated bed , nor handle beds of babies or ill people.

To prevent bed bugs from moving onto a sleep, draw the bed frame from the wall, place blankets and covers in so that they are off the ground and remain the feet of the bed in small dishes of mineral oil, or water having a fall of dishwashing water.

Remove and examine headboards guaranteed to surfaces because that is among the first sites for. Additionally they cover among material saved underneath the bed.

Desks and vacant night stands, remove drawers, analyze them out and inside turn them to check underneath, searching for breaks, edges, and channels.

Check upholstered couches and chairs, carefully checking tufts joints, dresses, and cracks beneath pillows, particularly when used for sleeping.

Bed bugs like moving upwards to cover in images, wallhangings, drapery pleats, relaxed wallpaper, breaks within roof and the plaster -wall junctures.

Photography Travel Gear for Passionate Photographers

Photography is both a passion and an art. And a good photographer needs to be both passionate about photography and also have artistic traits as well. For the travel photographers, they have to enjoy both traveling and photography. Different places, people and natural beauty, the photographer’s artistic skills capture the beauty of it all in the frames.

Equipment’s of a traveling photographer

A traveling photographers needs to carry a number of equipment with oneself. The tripod is one of the most necessary equipments a traveling photographer must be carrying. And the travel tripod reviews also suggests that these tripod are folding and can be carried along easily. For a travel photographer the traveling kit should always be ready.  Travel photography is altogether a different experience as one gets to explore new things and places besides taking breath taking photographs. There are a lot of options for clicking great pictures. One can experiment with light and different angles as well.

Essential stuffs for the traveling kit of a photographer

The traveling kit of a travel photographer must contain certain essential stuffs without which it would be difficult to go about it. Firstly, it is a good idea to keep a waterproof camera for traveling purposes and specially if there are any plans for underwater photo shoot. The best waterproof cameras of 2014-15 are devised in way so that they can capture outstanding images even in heavy drizzle or underwater. It must also contain a battery grip which would act as an alternative to spare batteries. It wouldn’t be pleasant if the camera runs out of charge and you are unable to recharge it.

Also while traveling by flights the camera should be carried in Airline friendly bag so that it can be carried along and not sent off with the check in luggage. A portable hard drive is another necessary item that should be carried along as it stores a back up for all the images. An all inclusive super zoom lens saves the photographer from changing the lenses frequently. A circular polarizing filter is a must have in the photographer’s kit. This helps in reducing the light reflection on glass or water and also enhances the blue colour of the sky. Travel tripods come to real good use while traveling as well. One can click good quality and take sharp shots even in the low light situations. Thus once the kit is ready one is ready to go. There is no better feeling than capturing a beautiful moment or a scene for life.