Negative Air Units Asbestos Effective Removal

Understanding Asbestos in Relation to Health

Asbestos is a mineral substance not seen by the naked eyed that is usually present in hazardous industries like mining, product manufacturing containing asbestos, heavy industry, constructions and other industries. Exposure of asbestos to human being is risky and dangerous to health as this is can be inhaled or swallowed even without realizing it. There is no immediate symptom but can be felt over the years that can cause to inflammation and damages to the body cells that will lead to fatal illness.

Negative pressure filtration is known as primary system for preventive action to avoid spreading of asbestos contamination in the whole building area and in the environment. So, if you are an employee or an employer from hazardous industries, you should probably have observed the use of this negative air unit machine. This will control and prevent the exposure of asbestos that could probably affect everybody around the building. If you do not have one or you are looking for negative air unit replacement, then the best option is to buy to avoid the danger that it may cause to the workers and to the environment.

Effective Asbestos Removal from

You would probably want to buy negative air units for sale online that can ensure safe working condition of the machine and can be effective indeed. For your convenience, provide the products online to add in your cart for shopping. This negative pressure unit (NPU) machine is very useful to filter contaminated air and their unit is highly designed to prevent wide range of contaminants in the surrounding such as asbestos, dust and silica particles. The good news and advantage of buying your negative air unit in is that all their NPU machines are supplied with an H3 HEPA filter and a DOP test certificate. You don’t have to worry also since this product is easy to assemble all the parts.


Professional Protection System (PPS) features a very suitable products for customers conveniently. Visiting their website will be helpful to see photos of the negative air units, unit type, price and accessories that you might need. The website can provide you the features of negative pressure unit B200 and B400. There is also available sale online in their website for roving kit that can fit on the NPU B200 and B400. For any other information you want to know, calling information and other relevant information is provided on their website.