Modern SEO Strategies that Work

Knowing that SEO services can help make your site known to the target audience, you do all things that you think could help. However, doing just the basics will not be enough given that there are plenty of other sites that use the same methods. The key to make your SEO efforts work is by updating your means utilizing the modern tools that made SEO a lot better and effective.

  1. Use Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools and think of it as an evolved Google AdWords Keyword Tool.  Instead of spending hours just to point out relevant keywords, the improved tools will identify optimal keywords by digging deep into your analytics.
  2. Rely on your head, not on Google. Decide which topics are worth writing for and not because a Google search dictated you to do so. Think as your readers and you will find it easier to identify topics that are worth reading. Instead of spending time searching on Google, fill your schedule with time to connect with your existing audience. Ask their opinions and what information they’d like to find on your site.
  3. Build a community. One of the most effective SEO tools is providing the audience with a place where they can discuss a range of topics. You can observe the issues that tick them, the questions that they’d like to be answered, and even words of encouragement that will inspire you to make the site better for them.
  4. Consider SEO as a whole and not as a to-do list. In the past, SEO seems to be an endless list of tasks to do. Creating a unique URL name, finding the best keywords, increasing the page rank, and more. With a modern approach to SEO, all it would take is to focus on making the site known in the right community. This means that in order to make everything work, you first need to have a ready audience. Start with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. From there, invite them into forums where a common topic is discussed by the body. In both areas, you can then promote your site where they can find relevant issues from their individual concerns. Make sure to put appropriate links, images, bullets, and your own opinions. Remember to credit owners appropriately in order to maintain respect in the community. A combination of these things will work a lot better than considering only the choices made by default SEO tools like keyword search tools among others.

If you go deeper into it, notice how social media communities become an integral part of SEO. Most people who spend time using the internet is driven by a community that they belonged to. It is then a smart move to focus your efforts into finding ways to infiltrate into these communities and offer what you have rather than trust on their whims to use search engines. By the way, communities also have their very own search engines on their sites so expect to have a lot of the members searching internally rather than outside of their camps.


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