The Importance Of Good SEO For A WordPress Web Site

WordPress is gaining more popularity as the best Content Management System used by most business owners today. People are migrating their website to a more easy-to-use platform because of its robustness and features. When you need to have your website up and running in the shortest possible time, you don’t have to start learning HTML coding or some other programming language just to add content to your website. Using WordPress makes the process a lot easier, since anyone with the right computer knowledge can make changes to the platform. You can add new posts, change your themes, and install new plug-ins etc. without having any programming skills.


The kind of flexibility that WordPress brings makes it ideal for Search Engine Optimization activities. It is basically easier to integrate SEO strategies to a WordPress website than it is to add to other websites. There are WordPress plug-ins that are specifically designed to handle SEO tasks on the website. Simply installing such plug-ins is not good enough to help rank your website on top of search results on the Internet. Having a good SEO for a WordPress website is important because it makes your website more visible to the world.


There are several more reasons why a good SEO is important for a WordPress website – let’s take a look at a few. A good SEO will help you handle your Meta description, which is an integral part of WordPress SEO. You need a great SEO for your WordPress website, since the Meta description needs to be written manually for each post or page on your WordPress website. You need someone who knows the right kind of plugins to use, when trying to come up with the perfect Meta description for your posts or pages.


It is very important to have a good SEO for your WordPress site because your internal and external links needs to be handled properly. Having internal links in your WordPress site is an important aspect of SEO. This will ensure that the importance of backlinks are seen on the WordPress website. Having a WordPress website also means you need to work towards having external links to authority sites – you need to install the right plugin to handle this for you. Having a good SEO simply means you will not be allowing duplicate content on your WordPress site. This is even more so because posts and pages are placed under several different categories and duplicate content could be created and indexed.


You need to take care of caching on your WordPress website just so you can improve the overall performance of the website. Having a good SEO means it will ensure that duplicate contents are not indexed. It’s important to have a good SEO in place for your WordPress site because it is going to help you create a site map for your WordPress site, which is important for search engines to use.

Facebook And Google – How are they shaping our identities?

We live at time when it is difficult to think about socializing without the social networking sites. These are the glory days of the internet and for the present generation it is just difficult to think of anything beyond the internet. It is not only social networking sites alone that have taken people over but a lot of other things as well. It used to be fun going out for shopping, trying out clothes and buy the ones that looks the best on us.

Everything is on the internet in this new era

Now we sit in front of the internet and buy the clothes that look the best on the models, refer for more such info.

Every invention has its Pros and Cons. True internet has been changing things around us in positive ways as well. Facebook for instance is at present the most popular social networking site. It has almost the entire world on it. The Facebook profiles are the social face of the individuals and it through this medium that they do all sorts of socializing and communications with the rest of the world. If one has a message to get across nothing can spread it faster than the internet. It spreads like fire through the Facebook. No wonder it has become a viable medium for advertisement as well. Facebook also influences an individual identity as well. What one wishes to be in the real world is often expressed through this virtual world as well.

Virtual identity = Real Identity

Thus often the virtual identity of the person becomes his or her real identity. People starts to believe in how one projects himself or herself on the social networking sites. The picture that he or she uploads the updates they share and also on the number of friends one has. The activities on the Facebook tell a lot about the person though if one closely notices all the activities of a specific person.

Google, world’s biggest search engine and email client also plays it’s part in influencing the identity of a person. Whatever we need to know, we know we have Google. Undoubtedly it has become one of the best teachers. Whether you need to know about a scientific theory or about a certain history from the past, Google is there. Youtube and the Google+ are the two Google products that have been influencing people in their own ways. While Youtube can have strong influence on people in shaping their characters the Google+ being a social networking site is capable of doing as much.